Good sleep is a wonderful thing

We just wanted a really comfortable mattress that wouldn't burn a hole in our wallets, and ended making it ourselves. The more we learnt about the industry, the more we wanted to change it, and share the incredible experience we got from sleeping on a phenomenal mattress. We're now dreaming bigger, to shape the way you think about mattress, sleep, and your shopping experience.

Obsessed with comfort and quality

Everyone should be entitled to great quality comfort. So we work with the best manufacturers in the world, to sell the best possible product at the price it should cost. No cutting corners, no excessive add-ons you don't need, just honest materials and good craftsmanship.

  • Understanding our materials

    Sonocore Latex 

    Highest quality latex available in the market made using Sonocore technology. Unlike the traditional “baking” process used in regular latex, Sonocore Latex is microwaved for a perfect open cell consistency. Superior in durability, comfort and support than traditional Dunlop latex.

    Woosa Cloud Foam 

    A modified combination of Memory Foam and High Resiliency Foam with a unique cell structure for added breathability. Soft and fluffy while maintaining high levels of resilient support.

    Polyester Blended Fabric 

    Polyester fibres mixed with stretchy rayon for increased moisture wicking properties.

  • No springs, no uneven support

    Our foam components react to the body’s weight and heat in a way that springs can never achieve. Imagine having a million cells distributing the weight evenly across your body, offering support at the most critical points - it’s a no brainer. Through our research, we also found that good quality foam mattresses often last longer than spring mattresses, and best eliminates motion transfer.

Disrupting a tired industry

We're sick of commission driven store experiences, gimmicky sales tactics and unreliable prices. Buying a mattress should be simple and stress-free. From pioneering the 100-night free trial in Singapore and introducing the Sleep Lab, we're making your shopping experience as simple as crawling into bed.

Crafting new bedtime experiences

We started by delivering an incredibly comfortable mattress in a box, to creating affordable adjustable bases that transform into your favorite sleeping position. We're always set on innovating and creating new experiences that enhance your nights for the better.

We're just here to help everyone sleep better

Mattress donation program

Through organizations like People's Association and Helping Hand, we have successfully donated all returned mattresses to families in need.

5-Star Local Support

We pride ourselves in transparent business operations, and localized fuss free support 24/7 to assist in anything that's keeping you up.

The Woosa Sleep Trial and Warranty

No regretful purchases, no fine print. We honor our return and warranty policies fully to ensure every purchase is stress-free, as it should be.

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