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The Woosa Difference


Woosa sets itself apart from other mattress stores in Singapore by carefully balancing local preferences in support, comfort, and quality. We source only the finest materials from Europe, and assemble our mattresses entirely in Belgium to ensure the creation of the best mattress possible for Singaporeans.


Say goodbye to outdated spring beds from the past. Woosa’s mattresses are made entirely with the highest grades of foams in the industry. From our signature Sonocore® Latex to The Woosa Cloud Foam, our beds provide superior pressure relief and incredible comfort that’s unlike anything you’ve experienced.

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Try our Mattresses risk-free for 30 nights. Love it or receive a full refund, no questions asked.

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Get free delivery within 1-3 days to your doorstep when you buy your bed and mattress online, or at our showroom in Singapore.

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Each Woosa Mattress comes with a 10-year warranty against manufacturing and workmanship defects in the mattress.

Local Singapore Support

A company born and raised in Singapore. 5-star internal support that is responsive whenever you need it.

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At Woosa, we make your mattress shopping experience as easy as crawling into bed. Buy your mattress online or head down to our mattress showroom in Singapore to view and test our products first-hand.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What sets Woosa mattresses apart from other brands in terms of quality and comfort?

    Woosa's mattress shop in Singapore goes beyond ordinary sleep solutions, creating a place where comfort and quality come together beautifully. Notably, our mattresses are made with the superior skill of Belgium craftsmanship, a world leader in foam production technology. Unlike ordinary mattresses, a Woosa mattress boasts a 4.5cm layer of latex — a substantial difference compared to the meagre 1cm typically offered by other brands. This is only part of the story, though. Woosa's true strength lies in our carefully balanced mix of premium materials, including Sonocore Latex, Woosa Cloud Foam, and Polyester Blended Fabric. Our design process is also thoughtful and meticulous, sourcing the highest quality foams, including latex, memory foam, and base foams, from Belgium. We carefully calibrate each layer to the perfect thickness, amplifying the benefits of each material, yielding a sleep experience that's plush, supportive, yet astoundingly affordable.

    It's not just about the luxury of our Italian fabric or the combination of materials. It's about the thoughtful design and commitment to quality that goes into every square inch of our mattresses.

    What is Woosa's history and expertise in the mattress industry?

    Starting from a single mission to redefine how people sleep, Woosa collaborates with renowned foam producers in Belgium and some of the best mattress craftsmen in Europe to craft our range of mattresses. We combine centuries-old Belgian manufacturing excellence with innovative design to cater to the specific needs of Singaporeans. As a prominent mattress shop, we've steadfastly committed to producing mattresses that resonate with the intricate preferences of our consumers. And our evolution to a trusted mattress manufacturer testifies to our competence in the industry.

    A hallmark of our expertise is the development of premium Sonocore® latex, used alongside our proprietary Woosa Cloud Foam. Harnessing state-of-the-art foam production technologies like microwave technology, rather than the traditional "baking" process, Sonocore Latex achieves an optimal open-cell consistency. As a result, it not only surpasses conventional expectations, but also traditional Dunlop latex in terms of durability, comfort, and support, offering an extra thick, bouncy, and firm base that provides unrivalled spinal support. Moreover, we meticulously calibrate each layer to the correct thickness to prevent a "sagging" feel after long-term use. This ultra-durable latex, integral to all Woosa's mattresses, is also backed by a 10-year warranty for assured quality.

    Moreover, Woosa's expertise extends beyond product development to consumer experience. With a mission to simplify the mattress shopping experience in Singapore, we at Woosa have taken strides to ensure that choosing the perfect sleep solution is as easy as it gets. As such, we've conceptualised the 'Sleep Lab' — a sanctuary where you can test our products in a relaxed, stress-free setting.

    What to expect from Woosa's mattress showroom?

    With Woosa, shopping for a mattress becomes as easy as crawling into bed — it's an experience of relaxation and discovery.

    When you visit Woosa's mattress showroom in Singapore, you step into a world where your comfort is the priority. Unlike traditional bed and mattress shops, our Sleep Lab is a sanctuary that enables you to try out our mattresses and bedding accessories in a serene, pressure-free environment. We've reimagined the experience of buying a mattress to be as tranquil and relaxed as the sleep you'll enjoy on our products.

    You can lie on our mattresses, nestle into our pillows, and even test our Adjustable Bed Bases to get a comprehensive feel for our products. Here, you're not rushed or pressured — you're invited to take your time to discover the Woosa difference.

    Are Woosa mattresses recommended by sleep experts?

    At Woosa, we take a consultative approach to our mattress design, working closely with professionals in the physiotherapy and chiropractic industry. This collaboration allows us to develop and test our mattresses to ensure they optimise proper spinal alignment and sleeping posture without compromising on comfort. Our steadfast commitment to aligning our designs with scientific sleep principles allows us to deliver products that cater to a variety of sleep preferences. This assurance of quality and care is why we are one of the top choices in Singapore.

    Which mattress (Original/Terra/Mysa) should I get?

    Choosing the right Woosa mattress involves understanding your personal sleep needs and matching them with the unique characteristics of our mattress offerings. The Woosa Original is perfect for back or side sleepers or those trying a full-foam mattress for the first time. Its signature 4-layer combination of premium Sonocore® Latex and European-made materials provides a medium-firm comfort level. For those desiring a firmer surface, the Woosa Terra mattress is our recommendation. It's ideal for back sleepers or heavy side sleepers, particularly those transitioning from a firm spring mattress. The Woosa Terra also offers double layers of 100% Natural Latex for maximum support and posture alignment. For side, stomach or light-back sleepers accustomed to a plush, hotel-style feel, the Woosa Mysa is a perfect match. Crafted with our proprietary Woosa Cloud Foam, the Mysa offers a medium-plush sleeping surface that's reminiscent of high-end memory foam or plush spring mattresses.

    Are Woosa products suitable for Singapore's climate?

    Understanding the unique demands of Singapore's climate, Woosa goes beyond just mattresses. We curate a full sleep experience using materials that enhance breathability and comfort in the heat. Our mattresses feature breathable foams that regulate temperature, while our pillows and silk duvets are tailored to keep you cool and comfortable through the night. With plush pillows wrapped in Italian-made microtencel fabric for extra cool comfort and luxuriously soft silk duvets filled with 100% natural, sustainable and ultra-long Mulberry silk, our climate-conscious design doesn't just make us a typical mattress store in Singapore. It establishes Woosa as a brand dedicated to delivering sleep solutions that are specifically tailored to your comfort. With Woosa, you don't just buy a mattress; you invest in a tailored, invigorating, and enduring sleep experience designed for Singapore's climate. We invite you to buy a mattress online in Singapore from Woosa or visit our mattress showroom in Singapore to experience our curated sleep solutions firsthand.

    Your quest for a perfect night's sleep starts with choosing Woosa, where quality comfort meets affordable luxury.

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