• Design Process

    The MYSA mattress is created from listening to existing Woosa customers who are looking for something more in their mattress- a plusher, soft yet firm “hotel-style” feel. We further explored the idea of creating a luxurious Woosa mattress by studying materials used in existing ultra high-end mattresses, and eliminated what we think are over-excessive components with little impact or no on overall support and comfort.

    We went through more than 30 different iterations before we settled on the final MYSA Mattress. The 6 layers in the Mysa mattress work harmoniously together to create an indulgent sleeping surface with incredible supportive properties. Luxury sleep need not be overpriced.

  • Material & Care
    Silver Microtencel 

    Made with ultra fine tencel fibres for a luxurious hand feel and breathability. Antimicrobial and anti-odour from embedded silver thread technology.

    The Woosa Cloud Foam 

    Advanced visco-elastic foam developed in Belgium first used in the Woosa Pillow. Modified for the MYSA mattress for a plush, weightless sensation.

    Sonocore Latex 

    Highest quality latex available in the market made using Sonocore technology. Unlike the traditional baking process, Sonocore Latex is microwaved for a perfect open cell consistency. Superior in durability, comfort and support than traditional Dunlop latex.

    Belgian Made Memory Foam 

    Ultra dense memory foam, with more material packed into each cm2 than traditional memory foam for better quality and durability. Unlike other memory foams that take too long to recover, our foams are formulated for responsive memory retention and better cooling.


    Tiny individual pocketed microcoils approximately 2cm high made with high quality tempered steel. Each micro coil is encased in thin non-woven fabric.


    • Spot clean recommended
    • Gentle wash cover separately
  • Shipping, Warranty & Returns

    All products are shipped free to your doorstep. For areas without lift access, an additional $15/per level is payable to the delivery team.


    The Original/Mysa Mattress come with a 10 year warranty against any sagging, sinking, torn foams and poorly stiched covers. Read more here.


    Love it or receive a full refund. The Original/Mysa Mattress come with a 100-night free trial. Read more here.

  • FAQ
    What are the Woosa Mattress Dimensions?

    The Mysa Mattress comes in standard Asian Size:
    Single - 91cm x 190cm x 30.5cm
    Super Single - 107cm x 190cm x 30.5cm
    Queen - 152cm x 190cm x 30.5cm
    King - 183cm x 190cm x 30.5cm

    Are you able to customize sizes?

    We are able to customize your Original Woosa Mattress with tolerences of up to +/- 15cm on each end for an additional $250. Drop by the Sleep Lab or contact us at support@woosa.sg for your custom order. All customized orders have a waiting time of 6-8 weeks.

    How heavy is the Woosa Mattress?

    The Mysa Mattress weighs approximately 35-45kg, depending on size.

    What is the firmness level of the Mysa Mattress?

    If we really have to put a number, the Mysa Mattress measures 6.5/10 on the firmness scale, with 10 being the firmest. However with a plush top and a firm latex secondary layer, the Mysa Mattress feels soft on the initial touch but firm and supportive as the body sinks through the layers.

    Should i get the Original Woosa Mattress or Mysa Mattress?

    The Original Woosa Mattress has an overall firmer, resilient feel and measures 9.5 inches tall. Our signature combination of latex and memory foam creates a balanced comfort layer suitable for all sleeping positions. We recommend the Original for users who are used to sleeping on a medium-firm mattresses, or full foam (latex/memory) mattresses.

    The Mysa Mattress is designed for a springier, plusher feel thanks to our addition of thicker latex, tiny micro-coils, and the revolutionary Woosa Cloud Foam. It is also thicker at 12 inches, with an upgraded micro-tencel silver fabric for superior cooling. We recommend the Mysa Mattress for users who sleep hot, and are used to sleeping on plushy, spring mattresses.

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Let’s look under the covers.

  • The cover

    Incredibly soft and plush microtencel with embedded silver threading for added antimicrobial properties and odour reduction.

  • The Plush LayerWoosa Cloud Foam - 3.5cm

    Revolutionary Woosa Cloud foam creates a plush, weightless sensation with superior airflow.

  • The Comfort LayerLatex - 5cm

    A thicker layer of our signature Sonocore latex for resilient comfort and a gentle bounce

  • The Support LayerMemory Foam - 5cm

    High density European made memory foam for pressure relieving support.

  • The Transition LayerHigh Resiliency PU Foam - 2.5cm

    Ultra high density HR foam for reinforced support and even weight distribution

  • The Alignment LayerMicrocoils - 2cm

    Tiny, individual pocketed microcoils for better spinal alignment and airflow.

  • The FoundationHigh-density PU foam -13cm

    Ultra thick, springy foundational base for added lift and zero motion transfer.

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Pressure Relief

Advanced Combination

The addition of the Woosa Cloud Foam to our signature latex and memory foam combination creates a whole new level of comfort. Soft velvety plushness from the Cloud Foam, medium-firm bounce from the Latex, and gentle contouring properties from the Memory Foam offers an experience unlike anything in the market.


Superior Cooling

Open cell foams draw heat and channels it through the microcoils to prevent overheating. Ultra fine fibres used in our Microtecel fabric creates better airflow and dissipates moisture quickly- critical in humid Singapore nights.

Pressure Relief

Unparalleled Support

The Woosa Cloud Foam cushions pressure spots like hips and shoulders, while thicker layers of latex and memory foam offer deeper levels of progressive support. Tiny microcoils in the sublayer creates better lift support in these areas for better spinal alignment.

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