• Design Process

    We wanted to create the perfect duvet that would be suitable for use in Singapore's hot and humid weather. Breathability, weight, comfort and durability were our top priorities. Our search led us to one of the oldest and most established silk makers in Suzhou, China, where the ancient art of silk production dates back to 5,000 years.

    The Seres Silk Duvet is filled with the highest grade of silk, 6A, which is tested for its quality and colour. Each of our ultra-long 6A silk fibres can unravel to 1.5km in length without breaking. These fibres are batted together to form a seamless duvet filling that offers an extremely soft, flowy and cosy feel.

    We do not use a silk blend. Our 100% pure Mulberry silk is smoother, stronger and friction-free, which is great for sensitive skin. You can be assured that your duvet will not bunch up over time, and will last up to 15 years with proper care.

  • Material & Care

    600 TC Cotton 

    The shell of The Seres Silk Duvet is made with 100% cotton. This luxury thread count paired with a sateen weave is super soft and silky to the touch.

    Mulberry Silk, 6A Grade 

    The Seres Silk Duvet is stuffed with the purest, whitest, most refined silk, which comes from the cocoons of Bombyx morisilkworms that are fed only Mulberry leaves.


    The Seres Silk Duvet has a fill weight that is carefully calibrated so that it is heavy enough for a snug feel, while still remaining airy enough for tropical weather.

    Single - 1000g
    Super Single - 1143g
    Queen - 1500g
    King - 1714g


    Clean The Seres Silk Duvet by sun curing it: place it under the direct rays of the sun.

    • Spot cleaning recommended
    • Avoid washing
    • Avoid dry cleaning
  • Shipping, Return, Warranty & Cancellation


    All products are shipped free to your doorstep and inclusive of installation.


    All our accessories are applicable for free returns within the first 30 days of receiving your item. Our accessories include The Woosa Pillow, The Seres Silk Duvet, The Mattress Protector. Read more here.


    The Seres Silk Duvet comes with a 3 year warranty. Read more here.


    Free cancellation prior to delivery. Read more here

  • FAQ

    What are the dimensions of The Seres Silk Duvet?

    Single: 140cm x 210cm
    Super Single: 160cm x 210cm
    Queen: 210cm x 210cm
    King: 240cm x 210cm

    Do I have to buy a cover for The Seres Silk Duvet?

    It is recommended to use the duvet with a cover. The Woosa Seres Silk Duvet is designed to fit any standard Asian-sized duvet cover of the same dimensions listed above.

    Can I wash the duvet?

    It is not recommended to wash The Seres Silk Duvet as silk naturally repels dust, dirt, dust mites, moths, mildew and odours. Only sun cure it by placing it under the direct rays of the sun.

    If you have any stains, spot clean and place under the sun to dry.

    If you absolutely must wash the duvet, hand wash only with cool water and gentle soap, and hang flat to dry. Washing the duvet regularly causes the silk fibres to disintegrate quicker, affecting the intended properties of the filling and its durability.

    Do you use 100% silk?

    Our duvet is made from 100% pure long strand Mulberry silk - no synthetic silk is used in the filling.

    Is the duvet hot?

    The Seres Silk duvet is designed to be versatile and suitable for all seasons. Because of our natural silk filling, the duvet keeps you cool in the heat, and warm on chilly nights.

    Where is The Seres Silk Duvet made?

    Our duvet is sourced and made responsibly in Suzhou, China - the Silk capital of the world.

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Meticulously designed

Direction tags

When inserting The Seres Silk Duvet into a cover, Woosa tags are attached at top and bottom to indicate where your head and legs should go.

Duvet clips

8-sided clips help secure the duvet properly in its cover so that it stays in place.


Fit for royalty

Sensuous and mysterious, silk has a fabled origin going 5,000 years back in time to ancient China. Throughout the Tang, Ming and Qing dynasties, silk was the choice material of the nobles. One of the lightest, softest and most breathable fabrics to exist, silk is synonymous with both beauty and luxury.

Our Seres Silk Duvet honours the ancient practice of sericulture, where silkworms are ethically-farmed to produce silk.


No more stuffy nights

Our duvet's long silk strands intertwine to form millions of tiny open pockets for air flow. The molecular structure of silk keeps you temperature-neutral: cool on warm nights and snug on cold nights. Silk also wicks away moisture quickly. It can absorb at least 30% of its body weight in moisture without getting damp.


Say good bye to skin irritation

Silk is a 100% natural fibre with a protein that makes it hypoallergenic and resistant to bacteria, microbes and mould build-up. This helps to reduce allergy reactions and is beneficial for those with sensitive or itchy skin. We also use 100% natural and hypoallergenic cotton for the shell.


Made to last

The long threads in Mulberry silk are incredibly strong as they have a natural tendency to adhere and bond with itself. It is less prone to tearing, pulling, or bunching up over time. With proper care, The Seres Silk Duvet is able to last up to 15 years.

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The Seres Silk Duvet
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