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Elevate your sleep game

Introducing the pinnacle of bedtime comfort with the New Adjustable Base II.

Designed to work seamlessly with all Woosa Mattresses, the Adjustable Base II offers nearly unlimited ergonomic head and foot adjustments for the ultimate sleep and lounge experience. You can also opt for our split mattress design which lets each sleeper individually control their side of the bed, optimising comfort for both users.

The New Adjustable Base II has been re-engineered from the ground up to include a new host of features, including our revolutionary DUALPOINT Back-Tilt movement for improved back elevation, Zero Clearance design to allow for operation with or without legs, and state-of-the-art German Hydraulics for quieter performance.

A smarter way to sleep

Increase the functionalities of your Adjustable Base with the new Woosa Sleep App.


Experience a better way to wake up in the mornings. The adjustable bed base automatically vibrates gently and raises to your desired position at your specified time.

Favourite Presets

Customise and save your favourite positions in bed, or set your under-bed lighting to switch off after a specified time.

Auto Flat

Want to fall asleep at the same time everyday? Set your adjustable bed to lower to flat automatically at your desired time.

Features of Our Adjustable Base


Extra Lumbar Support

Our improved hydraulic design and innovative construction allows for a first of its kind, DUALPOINT curvature on the back-tilt, providing a natural hugging curve and extra lumbar support without having the need for additional moving parts or components.

Hypnotic Snooze

Quad Rhythmic Massage

Unwind and fall asleep quicker with the 4-zone vibrational massage. Designed to operate silently and in a rhythmic fashion, the enhanced pulsing sensation follows the principle of counting sheep, forcing your mind to focus on a monotonous pattern, lulling you into a deeper sleep.

Stay Recharged

USB-C Charging & Enhanced Mood Lighting

Fast charge your devices with both USB-A and USB-C charging ports located conveniently on both sides of the bed. Extra warm under-bed lighting sets the mood and helps light the way for midnight bathroom trips.

  • Shipping, Return, Warranty & Cancellation


    All products are shipped free to your doorstep and inclusive of installation. For delivery locations that are not lift accessible, there will be another $10 per level per item for up to a maximum of 3 storeys / flight of stairs. For more than 3 storeys / flight of stairs – will be quoted separately.

    Breakdown of items

    Adjustable Base Single/Super Single – 1x
    Adjustable Base Queen/King – 2x
    Adjustable Base Split King – 2x
    Headboard and Side Frames – 2x

    Note: Carry-up items are required only for the above items, accessories do not need to be added in. Read more here.


    A restocking fee of $300 will be charged for return of one bed base per order, per address within the first 30 days of receiving your item. Read more here.


    The Woosa Adjustable Base II comes with a 5-year limited on-site warranty. Read more about our warranty.


    Cancellations are free within 7 days from the order date, which is defined as the date where either partial or full payment has been made for the order. Read more here.

    Example: If you place your order on a Saturday this week, you will need to cancel your order before the end of Friday next week, assuming there is no Public Holiday in between. Read more here.

    A cancellation fee of $300 is chargeable for orders cancelled after 7 days from the order date.

  • Frequently Asked Questions About Our Adjustable Base and Bed Frame

    What are the dimensions of the Adjustable Bed Base? (excluding mattress)

    Thickness of base: 12cm (without leg)
    3 height configurations (from the ground with leg):

    Single: 91cm x 191cm
    Super Single: 107 x 191cm
    Queen: 152cm x 191cm
    King/Split-King: 183cm x 191cm

    What are the dimensions of the Adjustable Base with headboard and side bed frame?

      Super Single

    Dimensions are the same regardless of headboard designs
    Click on headboard size for full drawn dimensions
    *Buffer additional 1-2cm for manufacturing tolerances

    Can I use another mattress on the Woosa Adjustable Base?

    The Woosa Adjustable Base is designed for intended use with Woosa Mattress and is also compatible with other high-quality full foam mattresses. We do not recommend using spring mattresses with the adjustable base, as it may shorten the longevity of both the mattress and the adjustable base and may potentially void the base's warranty. Buy a mattress from the extensive Woosa catalogue today.

    How does the Woosa Adjustable Base II compare to other adjustable bed bases on the market?

    The Woosa Adjustable Base II sets a new standard in the adjustable bed base market in Singapore. The state-of-the-art German Hydraulics is our top feature, providing a whisper-quiet operation. Every piece of electronics and mechanism in our adjustable bed is designed and tested to work seamlessly night after night, promising a reliable and smooth experience. Moreover, designed with versatility in mind, our Zero Clearance design allows the bed base to function with or without legs, making it a perfect fit for any bedroom aesthetic, especially platform bed designs. Moreover, you can tailor your Woosa Adjustable Base II to match your personal style with our customisable bed frames. Choose the headboard and side frames that resonate with your decor, truly making your bed a part of your home. The DUALPOINT Back-Tilt for extra lumbar support and a quad rhythmic massage function, also sets our base apart. All these features, combined with a user-friendly interface and a companion app, make the Woosa Adjustable Base II a superior choice for sleepers seeking a customisable and comfortable sleep experience.

    What certifications does the Woosa Adjustable Base II have to ensure its quality and safety?

    The Woosa Adjustable Base II holds certifications confirming its superior safety standards and quality. It's tested and certified under stringent conditions to ensure it provides a safe, reliable, and comfortable experience for users. Our base has also proven its resilience and durability through rigorous internal testing. As a matter of fact, each unit is rated to withstand in excess of 10,000 repeated movements, testifying to its exceptional reliability and long-term performance. Further details on specific certifications can be obtained from our customer service team. Alternatively, you can head down to our mattress showroom in Singapore to get a first-hand experience of our innovative adjustable and automatic bed frame.

    How does the Woosa Adjustable Base II address specific sleep concerns?

    The Adjustable Base II is designed with a host of features to cater to various sleep concerns. For instance, the DUALPOINT Back-Tilt can provide extra lumbar support for those with back pain. Additionally, our vibrating adjustable bed feature, the quad rhythmic massage, could possibly help individuals with difficulty getting a good night's rest to fall asleep quicker. Further enhancing the offering of sleep solutions, our base offers an 'Anti-snore' position. By subtly elevating the head, this configuration opens up airways, promoting better airflow and significantly reducing the likelihood of snoring.

    Can the Woosa Adjustable Base II accommodate split mattresses for individual customisation of sleep positions?

    Absolutely, the Woosa Adjustable Base II even works perfectly with our split king mattress design, allowing each sleeper to individually control their side of the bed for optimal comfort and independent adjustment. Choose from various base thickness and decide on the optimal bed frame size to cater to your sleeping needs.

    Are there any safety precautions or considerations to keep in mind when using the massage feature of the Woosa Adjustable Base II?

    When enjoying the rhythmic massage function of the Woosa Adjustable Base II, it's vital to ensure your safety and the longevity of the product. Please refrain from opening any control boxes, motors or remote control devices, excluding the remote control and power-down box battery compartments. This is because your product warranty could be voided if these parts are tampered with.

    To maintain the product's integrity, please avoid altering component wiring or adjusting the product's structure in any way. All repairs or replacements of base parts should be performed by authorised personnel only. And as much as we understand the joy and relaxation our base brings, it's important to treat the base gently. Do not jump on the base or exert excessive force. Stay within the recommended weight limit and usage rating to keep your Adjustable Base II functioning optimally and safely.

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Compared with a few base, this base has better functions and not too bulky and no creaky sound.

AishaJMar 07, 2023

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