Design Process

Crafting A Perfectly Balanced Mattress

Woosa has upheld the same philosophy throughout the years - honest, high-quality materials for a high-quality mattress. Our pioneering combination of premium Latex and Memory Foam helps users experience the best of two of the most popular materials used in mattresses today. Together with our carefully calibrated thickness, density and quality of the foams used, The Original Woosa Mattress is an award-winning mattress that is loved by thousands of happy users.

In its latest iteration, The Original uses even thicker layers of Sonocore® Latex and European-made Memory Foam, and is wrapped in our upgraded, Italian-sourced Microtencel fabric.

How does it feel

Firmness: 7.5/10

The Original Mattress is soft at the areas of the body with high pressure, while firm at the lighter areas of the body for an overall medium-firm comfort. Great for for Back or Side Sleepers!

Let’s look under the covers.

Let’s look under the covers.


    Italian-made Microtencel

    Incredibly soft and plush microtencel with embedded silver threading for added antimicrobial properties and odour reduction.


    Ultra Premium Sonocore® Latex - 5.5cm

    Offers excellent resiliency and responsiveness to maintain optimal sleeping posture throughout the night.


    Ultra Premium Memory Foam - 5.5cm

    Highly adaptive for localised pressure relieving support with gentle contouring properties.


    High Resiliency Transition Foam - 5cm

    Provides even weight distribution and additional comfort and support at a deeper level.


    Ultra High Density BaseCore Foam - 14cm

    Foundational base for added lift and zero motion transfer when you toss and turn.


Bedtimes without springs

Why use foams and not springs?

Through our research and extensive testing, we find that most springs tend to give way much faster due to the constant gravitational pressure from your body, and offer sub-par weight distribution as compared to high quality foams.

We wanted a core foundation that is supportive, resilient, durable, and eliminates motion transfer - which is best achieved through our premium quality, high density PU foam base. Furthermore, our foam components react to the body’s weight and heat in a way that springs can never achieve. Imagine having a million cells distributing the weight evenly across your body, offering support at the most critical points - it’s a no-brainer!


Pressure Relieving

The Original’s unique 4-layer construction work harmoniously together to create a contouring profile for all types of sleeping positions - soft at the areas of the body with high pressure, while firm at the lighter areas of the body for an overall medium-firm comfort.


Premium Materials

Thick premium Sonocore® Latex and European-made Memory Foam creates a surface that is both comfortable and supportive. Soft and bouncy natural latex provides resiliency and responsiveness, while the adaptive memory foam provides localised pressure relieving support. Cold cured HR foam helps with even weight distribution at a deeper level.


Temperature Regulating

Our Hybrid Sonocore® Latex used in the Original Mattress is one of the most breathable in the market thanks to its consistent, open-cell structure. Combine that with our Italian-sourced Microtencel for a cool, comfortable sleep throughout the night.

Upgrade to the full experience

Get additional 10% off when you bundle with our adjustable base

  • Shipping, Return, Warranty & Cancellation


    All products are shipped free to your doorstep and inclusive of installation. For delivery locations that are not lift accessible, there will be another $10 per level per item for up to a maximum of 3 storeys / flight of stairs. For more than 3 storeys / flight of stairs – will be quoted separately.

    Breakdown of items

    Mattress – 1x

    Note: Carry-up items are required only for the above items, accessories do not need to be added in. Read more here.


    Return policy for Mattress Free returns are applicable for one mattress per order, per address, within the first 30 days of receiving your item, or prior to delivery. Read more here.


    The Original Mattress comes with a 10-year warranty against any sagging, sinking, torn foams and poorly stitched covers. Read more here.


    Free cancellation prior to delivery. Read more here.

    For orders that have customization requirements (ie custom sizes or other customization requests), cancellation is not allowed.

  • FAQ

    What are the dimensions & specifications of The Original Mattress?

    Asian Standard Size:
    Single - 91cm x 190cm x 30.5cm
    Super Single - 107cm x 190cm x 30.5cm
    Queen - 152cm x 190cm x 30.5cm
    King - 183cm x 190cm x 30.5cm

    Weight: 27/32/45/53kg

    Are you able to customize sizes?

    We can customize your Original Woosa Mattress with tolerances of up to +/‐ 15cm on each end for an additional $300. Drop by our mattress shop in Singapore, the Woosa Sleep Lab, or contact us at for your custom order. All customized orders have a waiting time of 6‐8 weeks.

    Which mattress (Original/Terra/Mysa) should I get?

    The Original: Made for Back or Side Sleepers. We recommend the Original for users who are used to sleeping on medium-firm mattresses or are trying full foam mattress for the first time.

    The Terra: Made for Back Sleepers or Heavy Side-Sleepers. We recommend the Terra Mattress for users who prefer a firmer surface, or for users coming from firm spring mattresses.

    The Mysa: Made for Side Sleepers, Stomach Sleepers or Light-back Sleepers. We recommend the Mysa Mattress for users coming from memory foam mattresses, or those who are used to sleeping on plushy, spring mattresses.

    For more information and comparison, read here.

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Bought a super single bed from Woosa. Comfortable and value for money! (Imported from Google reviews)...

Annie TingDec 20, 2022

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