• Design Process

    We wanted to create a pillow that is soft and plush, yet supportive and breathable. Different materials were explored, but each possesses its drawbacks. Memory foam pillows, known for their supportiveness, often tend to sleep hot, which may not be ideal for those who easily overheat during the night. Latex pillows, on the other hand, offer a bouncy feel but often lack the plushness that some sleepers prefer. And lastly, while down pillows are undeniably soft and plush, they tend to lose their shape over time.

    With the help of our foam specialists in Belgium, we developed the Woosa Cloud Foam, a revolutionary material that combines all of our favourite properties into a single material. In our newly upgraded version, we made it 30% bigger for a larger surface coverage and reshaped the Woosa Cloud Foam to suit different sleeping positions and cater to both back and side sleepers. The outer fabric has been upgraded to our unique Italian-made Microtencel fabric, providing a luxurious hand feel and better temperature-regulating properties for a cooler night's sleep.

  • Material & Care

    Woosa Cloud Foam 

    A modified combination of Memory Foam and High Resiliency Foam with a unique cell structure for added breathability. Soft and fluffy while maintaining high levels of resilient support.

    Microtencel Fabric 

    Italian-made microtencel that has a higher weave count, is softer, and more breathable than normal tencel fabric.


    • Spot clean
    • Gentle wash the removable cover separately
    • Do not wash the foam inner core
  • Shipping, Return, Warranty & Cancellation


    All products are shipped free to your doorstep and inclusive of installation.


    All our accessories are applicable for free returns within the first 30 days of receiving your item. Our accessories include The Woosa Pillow, The Seres Silk Duvet, The Mattress Protector. Read more here.


    The Woosa Pillow comes with a 3-year warranty against any sagging, sinking, torn foams and poorly stitched covers.


    Free cancellation prior to delivery. Read more here

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the Woosa Pillow Dimensions?

    The Woosa Pillow comes in 3 sizes:

    Standard (65cm x 45cm x 15cm) - The standard size of the Woosa Pillow fits well on most beds and offers ample support for different sleeping positions. Whether you're a back or side sleeper, it provides proper alignment and support for your head, neck, and shoulders. Best suited with the Terra and the Original Mattress.

    Long (134.5cm x 40cm x 15cm) - The long size of the Woosa Pillow is specifically designed for those who prefer a more extended surface area or require additional support for their body alignment.

    Low (65cm x 45cm x 12.5cm) The Low Woosa Pillow is best suited for back sleepers, or side sleepers of smaller built. The Low offers better neck alignment and less upward tilt, preventing shoulder strains. The low pillow pairs perfectly with The Mysa and Original Mattresses.

    Is the Woosa Pillow made of memory foam?

    No, the Woosa Pillow is not made of memory foam. Instead, it is crafted from our exclusive Woosa Cloud Foam, a proprietary material developed specially in Belgium. The Woosa Cloud Foam surpasses traditional memory foam in several aspects. It offers a plusher and more luxurious feel, providing more responsiveness and effortlessly adjusting to your movement throughout the night. This ensures consistent comfort and support for all sleeping positions, including back and side sleepers. The Woosa Cloud Foam is also highly breathable, allowing for optimal airflow and temperature regulation.

    I'm a side/front/back sleeper. Will the Woosa Pillow fit me?

    Yes, the Woosa Pillow's versatility stems from the unique adaptive properties of the Woosa Cloud Foam. These properties ensure that the Woosa Pillow is suitable for individuals who prefer various sleeping positions, accommodating their specific needs with exceptional adaptability and comfort.

    What is the firmness level of the Woosa Pillow?

    The firmness level of the Woosa Pillow can be measured at 6.5/10, with 10 being the firmest. However, the unique Woosa Cloud Foam exhibits adaptive properties that respond to pressure from both side and back sleeping positions. As more pressure is applied to the pillow, it offers a firmer resistance, providing the proper level of support and comfort tailored to your individual needs.

    How is the new version different?

    In this new version, we made the pillow 30% bigger and refined the shape of the pillow to better suit front, side, and back sleeping positions. The fabric used for the cover has been upgraded to Microtencel fabric for a higher thread count and softer touch.

    Do I need to use a pillowcase with Woosa Pillow?

    While the Woosa Pillow features a removable and washable Italian-made Microtencel cover, we still encourage using a pillowcase in addition to the provided cover. Using a pillowcase not only adds an extra layer of protection for your pillow but also allows you to personalise the look and style of your bedding. The Woosa Pillow is designed to fit all standard pillowcases, making it convenient and easy to find the perfect match for your preferred style.

    Are there features in the Woosa Pillow that support side sleepers?

    The Woosa Pillow is beneficial for side sleepers due to several features. It utilises the Woosa Cloud Foam, which enables gentle contouring to heads of different shapes and weights, offering ample support for side sleepers and reducing neck strain. Additionally, it is firm yet soft enough not to cause discomfort to the ears. These features combined provide exceptional comfort, support, and pressure point relief to ensure a good night's sleep.

    Are there features in the Woosa Pillow that support back sleepers?

    The Woosa Pillow is designed with back sleepers in mind. Because of its perfect balance of plush and firmness, it elevates the head and supports the neck's natural curve comfortably, avoiding strains or discomfort. Designed with our proprietary Cloud Foam, this pillow features an ergonomic and luxurious feel, and remarkable shape retention, providing optimal spinal alignment for back sleepers. Even when shifting to the side position, the Woosa Pillow offers full support.

    Can the Woosa Pillow help alleviate common issues faced by back and side sleepers?

    Yes! The Woosa Pillow, crafted with our special Woosa Cloud Foam, is specifically designed to address issues commonly encountered by back and side sleepers. Back sleepers will value its firm yet gentle support of the head, maintaining the spine's natural curve and effectively reducing strain. For side sleepers, the pillow's 30% larger surface area and refined shape fill the shoulder gap accurately, distributing weight evenly to prevent discomfort. Merging advanced ergonomic design with lush, cushioned fabric, the Woosa Pillow elevates the sleep experience and postural health of back and side sleepers.

    What are the advantages offered by the Woosa Cloud Foam?

    The Woosa Cloud Foam offers numerous advantages for back and side sleepers. It provides an immaculately customised cradle for every individual's head, accommodating variations in shape and weight with grace. The robust durability of this foam assures the persistence of its initial form, attesting to its premium quality and longevity. To top it off, the Woosa Cloud Foam is 100% hypoallergenic, making it a preferred choice for those susceptible to allergies. Buy the highest-quality ergonomic pillow in Singapore online from Woosa Sleep at an affordable price, and experience the ultimate union of comfort and healthy sleeping habits every night.

    What are the advantages offered by the Italian-made Microtencel fabric?

    The Italian-made Microtencel fabric offers manifold advantages. Beyond bestowing your pillow with a luxurious feel, akin to resting on a cloud, it excels in thermal regulation and moisture-wicking, guaranteeing a cool and refreshing slumber. Furthermore, this Italian Microtencel fabric is specially designed to enhance the tactile experience, lending a soothing touch to the skin. Owing to its remarkable attributes, it transforms every contact into a gentle embrace, perfectly designed for serene, restful nights.

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The pillow of your dreams

Woosa Sleep's revolutionary cloud foam delivers all the qualities one could ever ask for in a pillow - the softness and plushness reminiscent of a down pillow, combined with memory foam's supportive and contouring nature and the bouncy and durable characteristic of latex pillows. The Woosa Pillow is the epitome of perfection when finding the ideal pillow for front, back, and side sleepers.

Italian-made Microtencel Fabric

A luxuriously soft cover that has excellent heat dissipation and moisture-wicking properties.

Woosa cloud foam

Revolutionary foam developed in-house that is plush, supportive and does not lose its shape over time.

Pressure Relief

Highly adaptive

The Woosa Cloud Foam possesses a unique adaptive capability that gently contours to heads of different shapes and weight, and offers ample support regardless of sleeping positions.


Stays in shape

No shredded foams or down fillings that lose shape and strain your neck. The Woosa Pillow stays in shape and instils proper posture for all sleeping positions, including front, back and side sleepers through the night. No fluffing required.

Pressure Relief

Incredibly comfortable

Its plush, velvety sensation and extreme breathability creates a feeling of weightlessness, making it feel like you're resting on a soft, fluffy cloud.

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