Floats like a Butterfly

One Pull Magic

The Woosa Storage Bed Base features the easiest hydraulic lift in the market. The bed frame is made with solid wood construction, and our exclusive Denmark-made SUSPA hydraulic system ensures that the storage bed rises automatically with a tug of the latch and closes with ease.

Cavernous Storage

Stylish sit-in design

Featuring a unique sit-in design, The Woosa Storage Bed Base boasts a generous depth of 30cm, perfect for accommodating even the largest check-in luggage. With its top-notch engineering and efficient use of space, it sets an impressive standard for hydraulic storage beds available in mattress and bed stores across Singapore.

  • Dimensions

  • Single

    • Super Single

    • Queen

    • King

    Headboard height:
    Classic: 110cm*
    Fluted, Tufted, Curved: 125cm

    Headboard Thickness: 12cm
    Sideframe Thickness: 7cm
    Total Width: 109cm
    Total Length: 211cm
    Sideframe Height: 42cm

    *Buffer additional 1-2cm for manufacturing tolerances
  • Shipping, Warranty & Returns


    All products are shipped free to your doorstep and inclusive of installation. For areas without lift access, an additional $10/per level per item is payable to the delivery team. The Woosa Storage Base comes in 4 parts, which will incur a total of $40/level stairs fee.


    The Woosa Storage Bed Base comes with a 2-year full warranty on manufacturing defects, and moving parts, including the hydraulics, and the bed slats..


    The Woosa Storage Base is eligible for a 30-night Woosa Trial, with a restocking fee of $250.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How does the Denmark-made SUSPA Hydraulic System in Woosa’s Storage Bed Base compare to other hydraulic lift systems?

    The Denmark-made SUSPA Hydraulic System in Woosa’s Storage Bed Base is renowned for its ease of use, automatically rising with a simple pull of a latch and closing effortlessly. With a bed frame constructed with the most solid of woods, its automatic lifting mechanism adds to its appeal of being the ultimate bedroom solution by delivering a convenient and hassle-free experience. You can visit Woosa’s mattress shop in Singapore for a hands-on experience and personalised assistance.

    How does the Woosa Storage Base's spacious 30cm depth of storage compare to other storage bases on the market?

    The Woosa Storage Bed Frame’s Base stands out with its spacious 30cm storage depth, providing ample space for large items such as travel luggage. This generous storage capacity surpasses many other platform bed storage bases on the market, offering a convenient solution for organising and storing belongings while promoting a clutter-free bedroom environment.

    What is the weight capacity of the Woosa Storage Bed Base?

    The Woosa Storage Base is designed to support an evenly applied load of up to 500 kg, including the weight of the mattress. This robust capacity makes it a durable and reliable choice for your bedding needs.

    How does the installation process of the Woosa Storage Bed Base work?

    The installation of the Woosa Storage Bed Base is a hassle-free process. When you buy from us, your Storage Bed Base is shipped directly to your doorstep, including installation. This ensures a smooth and easy setup process, saving you time and effort.

    Please note that additional fees may apply if your location doesn't have lift access.

    Are there any safety mechanisms in place to prevent accidental lowering of the hydraulic storage bed?

    The Woosa Storage Bed Base incorporates an efficient safety mechanism within its design, employing a Denmark-made SUSPA hydraulic system that provides a safe and secure lifting process. It rises automatically with a gentle pull on the latch, ensuring controlled movement. To lower the base, it requires deliberate action and smoothly closes without sudden drops, minimising the risk of accidental lowering and potential injuries.

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Tried many storage base elsewhere, mostly are hard to lift up. Woosa storage base is much easier to l...

Lilian TayJul 21, 2023

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